Goodbye and thanks for listening

After 2 years of podcasting, we’ve decided to bring Seismic Wales to an end.

We all do the podcast in our spare time, and we’ve found that with other demands and the desire to develop new projects, it’s proving difficult to come together as a team to keep it going. The website and the Soundcloud account will remain live for a while, so we hope you’ll continue to enjoy the archive of episodes. And we haven’t all given up podcasting for good – keep an eye (or ear) out for us using this opportunity to create something new.

Making the podcast has taken us on a wonderful journey through some truly inspiring and powerful projects around Wales. Through 24 episodes and mini-episodes we’ve heard from the people improving our environment, communities, health and wellbeing. Their projects are examples of the radical ideas we need to see more of in the future – moving towards local food for all, eliminating waste and hunger, creating jobs, making communities more pleasant to live in, tackling climate change and bringing people together. That’s perhaps never been more important that during the pandemic, during which we’ve seen such a brilliant response across the country.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who’ve contributed, or listened to, the podcast since we started in September 2018. We’ve had over 7000 listens in that time, with listeners in 50 countries, and the numbers have steadily grown. Thanks too for your lovely feedback – we really appreciated it.

In 2018 we set out to celebrate the good people in Wales who are doing great things. We were never short of stories – and that’s a reflection of how many positive things are happening. Long may that continue.

Christian, Lynsey, Rachael and Rich

December 2020

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