Seismic Wales – the launch of a new adventure!

Welcome to Seismic Wales – A new monthly podcast celebrating good people doing great things in Cardiff, Wales & beyond.

So how did Seismic Wales come about?

Christian and Rachael wanted to do a podcast around sustainability and through my boss (Mari) they were put in contact with me, Lynsey. I’ve always had an interest in digital stuff but never wanted to do a podcast so I just arranged a meeting over coffee with Christian and Rachael and I was going to leave them to it…

Turns out I was a bit more interested than I thought and a seed of an idea grew about sharing positive stories around sustainability that was more accessible to the everyday people. At this point, I was slightly freaked out as I’m generally uncomfortable with broadcast stuff, so there was only thing to do…give Rich a call!

Rich and I previously run a small meetup ( Geekspeak Cardiff) for people working in the third sector who wanted to share and learn digital skills. Plus he has broadcasting experience, so he was the ideal person to get involved.

So four (almost) strangers; A runner, a geek, a designer/ comms hybrid and a surfer came together to help share stories about good people doing great stuff.

Why Seismic Wales?

After many chats, a few drinks and lots of good (and bad ideas) we decided on Seismic Wales as we wanted to explore the small actions that people take day-to-day that together create seismic change. This podcast wasn’t about the big stories but the individual things happening all around us that would hopefully inspire others to make changes of their own.

This included us.

We also recognised as individuals we were on our own journey to make adjustments to the way we lived to make a more positive impact. So throughout the podcast we want to learn from others, challenge ourselves and hopefully make our own little seismic changes along the way.

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