Seismic Wales – the launch of a new adventure!

Welcome to Seismic Wales - A new monthly podcast celebrating good people doing great things in Cardiff, Wales & beyond. So how did Seismic Wales come about? Christian and Rachael wanted to do a podcast around sustainability and through my boss (Mari) they were put in contact with me, Lynsey. I've always had an interest … Continue reading Seismic Wales – the launch of a new adventure!

Ep. 01 Repair Cafe Cardiff

Welcome to the first ever episode of Seismic - a monthly podcast celebratingsustainability stories from Cardiff, Wales & beyond!From broken bikes to a much loved Furby, this month the team find out how the Repair Café movement is helping to reduce landfill and encourage people to learn new skills.Christian and Richard spoke to the folk … Continue reading Ep. 01 Repair Cafe Cardiff