Seismic Wales – the launch of a new adventure!

Welcome to Seismic Wales - A new monthly podcast celebrating good people doing great things in Cardiff, Wales & beyond. So how did Seismic Wales come about? Christian and Rachael wanted to do a podcast around sustainability and through my boss (Mari) they were put in contact with me, Lynsey. I've always had an interest … Continue reading Seismic Wales – the launch of a new adventure!

Ep. 01 Repair Cafe Cardiff

Welcome to the first ever episode of Seismic - a monthly podcast celebratingsustainability stories from Cardiff, Wales & beyond!From broken bikes to a much loved Furby, this month the team find out how the Repair CafĂ© movement is helping to reduce landfill and encourage people to learn new skills.Christian and Richard spoke to the folk … Continue reading Ep. 01 Repair Cafe Cardiff