Seismic Wales is monthly podcast, usually released on the first Saturday of the month. We will also be releasing mini episodes and sneak previews throughout the month, so look out for that too.

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Episode 00 – Welcome to Seismic Wales

An introduction to team Seismic and our new monthly podcast, celebrating the amazing things people are doing to make the world a better place.


Episode 01 – Repair Cafe

Welcome to the first ever episode of Seismic – a monthly podcast celebrating
sustainability stories from Cardiff, Wales & beyond!

From broken bikes to a much loved Furby, this month the team find out how the Repair Café movement is helping to reduce landfill and encourage people to learn new skills.

Christian and Richard spoke to the folk behind Repair Café Wales in Cardiff, hearing from a fixer, a happy customer and committee member John McCrory who tells us all about the project.

Along with Lynsey and Rachael, they also share their thoughts on the challenge of getting stuff fixed.

You can find out about Repair Café Cardiff on:
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/repaircafewales/
Twitter: @repaircafewales


Episode 02 – Bigmoose

Welcome to the second episode of Seismic Wales – a monthly podcast celebrating sustainability stories from Cardiff, Wales & beyond!

From organising and facilitating fundraising events to making delicious coffee, this month the team found out how Bigmoose – the non-profit raising money for wonderful causes in fun ways – are trying to inspire people to live better and kinder lives.

Through their coffee shop in the centre of town, Bigmoose are helping the homeless and other disadvantaged people get back into work and living their mantra – ‘leaving the world better than we found it’.

This month, Christian and Rachael chat to the founder of Bigmoose, Jeff Smith, and manager of Bigmoose Coffee, Chloe, about the challenges they face and the projects they’re working on.

With Rich and Lynsey, they also chat about how Bigmoose is more than just a coffee shop and the value it brings to the local community.

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Episode 02 – Bigmoose

This month, the Seismic team were excited to talk to Bigmoose founder Jeff, and daughter Chloe, manager of their coffee house. The inspiration behind Bigmoose came after the passing of Jeff’s close friend Gary ‘Moose’ Cloonan.  As a way to honour his legacy, Bigmoose aims to inspire folks to live better, healthier and kinder lives … Continue reading Episode 02 – Bigmoose

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